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Can I Get a Witness?
“When Jacob awoke from his sleep, he thought, ‘Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it.’”
(Genesis 28:16, NIV)
“How awesome is this place!?”
These are a few of the words Jacob could muster after his overnight stay in the wilderness. Having fled his hometown after a falling-out with his father, Isaac, and his brother, Esau, he met God in a powerful dream that left him nearly speechless.
Jacob didn’t expect to find heaven’s front door (complete with angels on the doorsteps) out in the middle of nowhere. Feeling alone and forsaken, he couldn’t have imagined meeting God in that place.
But when he woke, he knew things would never be the same. Jacob resolved to carry this dream forward by re-aligning himself with God. Since he had been promised provision and protection, Jacob declared that both his worship and tithe belonged to God. 
Still, something was missing. There was nobody there to share this experience with Jacob. Who would bear witness to this encounter with God? How would others discover this “house of God”? How would they hear how heaven came to that forgotten place? 
Taking the stone he had used as a pillow, Jacob stood it on end and named it as a witness. Even after he was long gone, this standing stone would serve as a memorial to the night Jacob’s life changed forever.
In your absence, how will the stories of the “awesome places” of your life be told? Will the lessons of your personal transformation be passed on to those who follow after you?
A standing stone doesn’t seem like much of a marker by modern standards. But the truth is that it’s a lot more than what many will leave as a testimony to their values. An up-to-date will, however, is an extremely effective way to name what’s most significant to you. Through a will, you can extend your testimony long after your gone, leaving behind a lasting record of the people and causes that matter most to you.
What will become your standing stone? 
A will can pass your lifelong lessons of your personal transformation to those who follow after you, so they don’t slip away like a dream.
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