We are featuring huge, luscious, Colorado peaches in two shipments: mid July and later in August — $40 per box! Exact delivery dates will not be set in stone until closer to order deadlines. Once we hear from the grower, you will be notified via email of the exact pick up time and location for your order. 

Our Colorado grower looks to be in great shape for a fantastic crop!

These huge peaches are “the Gold Standard” for our Annual Peach Sale tradition! These high altitude beauties grow via the Palisade Produce label under the guidance of second-generation grower David Cox. He continues the unique tradition of tree ripened, handpicked fruit. They go from the tree, to the box, to the truck in one operation. Their first stop after harvest is west central Minnesota! They epitomize freshness!

Please scroll down to find your pick up location (that you chose when you ordered) and details for pick up 

When: August 15-19
8/15: 5pm-7pm
8/16-8/19: 3pm-7pm
Where: 1310 North Nokomis Street
           Alexandria, MN 
with further questions please contract Kevin: 320.304.2984 or [email protected]


Hutchinson (Crow River Area) 
When: August 15-19
Shamrock Inn 
1200 Hwy 15 South
Hutchinson, MN 55350
Open times.....
Tuesday - 6pm- 8pm
Wed - 8am - 8pm
Thurs - 8am - 8pm
Friday - 8am - 8pm or until we sell out
Huikko Custom Tile & Flooring
Corner of Parker Ave W & Hwy 12
Dassel, MN 55325
Open times....
Wed - 9am - 5pm
with further questions please contact Jim: 320.552.3047 or [email protected]

New London/Spicer
When: August 16 10am-3pm
Where: Spicer Dairy Queen Parking Lot
with further questions please contact Patrick: 320.905.6313 or [email protected]


Redwood Falls
When: Aug 16-19, 10am-6pm
Where: A&W Furniture
              1501 E. Bridge Street
              Redwood Falls, MN 
with further questions please contact Chris: 218.310.2156 or [email protected]


When: August 16, 7:30am-5:30pm
Where: 421 Benson Ave SE (Turn north at Domino’s Pizza on Hwy. 12 –look for the sign)
with further questions please contact Tom: 320.295.9721 or [email protected]