Big flavor,
small size,
loved by all!

Order Now!

Order your tasty citrus Satsuma tangerines or pecans now! Order deadline is December 2, 2022.

Much like Georgia Peaches, Georgia Satsuma tangerines and pecans are the best of the best!  These are a best kept secret and not too many people know about them, until now.

  • Satsumas have a flavor profile that strikes the perfect balance of sweet and tangy.  Kids love them!
  • The easiest of all “easy peels”, seedless, and medium in size.
  • Do not be fooled if you see a little green mixed in, it’s only skin deep.  Most citrus is dyed to give them the color you think you want, but they would not dare change a thing about the Satsumas.
  • The box of Satsumas tangerines come in a ¼ bushel box (it will have 10-12bs of our top-quality Satsumas, most of the time it’s even more, as they like to fill the box), and the pecans will come in a 1 pound bag.
  • They’ll pick the best Satsuma tangerines and pecans at the perfect time, to get the best flavor.  Simple!