“A Perfect 3 Days”

August 22, 2022


Relationship Building Through Skateboarding

City Life has a handful on students who love skateboarding. If it’s warm enough, they skate to our events. They skate while at our events, and after our meetings, and they often leave to go skate. Let’s just say it wasn’t very difficult to find a relative activity for them. I started to research skate parks near us and settled on Help Boardshop. The location is the headquarters for JSAW whose mission is “an action sports ministry making riders into disciples”. The shop manager noticed our YFC logo and I was able to share our heart for teens. He said “this is the perfect place for them!”. We booked an open skate session which the students loved and it was just right for their skill level, while also giving them room to practice new techniques. They talked about it on the drive back, when they got home, and shared many pictures with their families. To quote one student speaking to his brother “You were right about this being a good day. Yesterday was my birthday, today we had a great skate sesh (session), and tomorrow we have the Warehouse… it’s like a perfect 3 days.”.

~ Pablo – City Life Director